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Our Boats!

Designed for slow and steady travel, we use open Canadian style canoes. Spacious, safe and comfy, they are the most relaxing way to enjoy the river.

Under the guidance of your British Canoe Union qualified guide, the boats are easy to paddle & steer. The Thames has little current, so general physical fitness levels will see you gliding up and down with ease.

Take the Slow Boat…Relax in our spacious and open kayaks, with freedom to paddle on either side. The perfect way to enjoy the river wildlife we share the Thames with in these parts!

Don’t Get Wet…well other than a few splashes of course, but these open canoes are perfect for all abilities with safety & comfort the priority. No enclosed skirts or eskimo rolls need apply!

Three Is Not a Crowd…the river Thames is a social place, and our canoes take up to 3 people, so you can share the paddle along the way


Picture of Our Boats